Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

This evening Henry, Lucy and I were munching our supper of grilled cheese sandwiches and talking about our day. Actually, Henry and I were doing most of the talking while Lucy remained silent.

ME: Lucy, why don’t you share something good about your day?

LUCY: I don’t want too.

ME: Is it because you got in trouble today?

LUCY: I don’t know.

ME: Well, it’s not good that you didn’t behave well today but I’m sure you made some good choices today and had some good things happen, right?

LUCY: I don’t know!

With every answer Lucy would look down at the floor and away from the table.

HENRY: Is it because you got sent to the principal’s office?

LUCY: I don’t know! I just don’t feel like talking about my day!

ME:  Henry, please just eat your sandwich.

HENRY: But mom, it’s not good that Lucy got sent to the principal’s office.

ME: That’s enough, Henry.

LUCY: Henry! Stop! I just don’t know about my day!

Henry chews thoughtfully and then he gestures with his fingers toward her with one hand and continues to eat his grilled cheese that is in his other.

HENRY:  Lucy, look at me. Lucy! You know, you really need to look at me when we’re talking!

#youknowyou’reanautismparentwhen…eye contact takes precedent over a trip to the principal’s office.


Comments on: "Principal’s Office vs. Eye Contact" (1)

  1. LOL! That’s awesome. I love your kids 🙂

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