Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

About Me

I am ever-changing; a chameleon, an enigma…whether or not this is personal growth or just the inability to make up my mind, I do not know.
I am a mother to three amazing children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. I am a wife to the most wonderful and supportive husband I could ever imagine! I am an aspiring (and actually published!) writer, fan of sci-fi/fantasy, fiction (historical and not-so-historical), lover of the written word and interesting scents. My new hobby is making jewelry.
My unchanging  passions are my children and my husband and our journey as a family immersed in the autism spectrum. I have many other interests and my focus (or “hyper-focus” as it seems) on these changes frequently as this blog may also reflect.

Comments on: "About Me" (6)

  1. Just found your blog and love what I read so far. You sound a lot like me at the moment. I am with you in your journey… it is all too hard sometimes.

  2. loving your blog! after being inspired by many, I’ve decided to start one too… I would love you/your fans to come &check it out! & feel free to give feedback (I’m new to all of this!)

    I’m in Australia, but I think besides the services/funding etc being different, I think the Autism experience is pretty much universal >:-)

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