Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

Our Tribe

Our tribe’s cast of characters:

Big Daddy Chameleon (BDC), a.k.a Grant- he is the foundation and the glue that keeps our loud and crazy family together. He keeps me sane. He is the love of my life; my Jedi knight, my vampire, and my Time Lord all in one!

Mama Chameleon, a.k.a Karen- this is me. Writing keeps me grounded. It is cathartic. Most days I feel as though I’m trying to juggle chainsaws and flaming torches when I’m really only capable of tossing a couple of Nerf balls around. I’m just trying to keep my neuroses in check and get my kids out into the world as happy, self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

The Teen, a.k.a Molly- this is our high schooler. She is smart and talented and beautiful. But did I mention she is a teenage girl? Yeah, that pretty much sums her up!

The Little Dude, a.k.a Henry – he’s our elementary-age middle child on the autism spectrum. Because of him we are all ultimately better people. He is funny and brilliant and charming. And right now, he’s the “best one” of the three of them.

The Littlest Chameleon, a.k.a Lucy – she’s our little spit-fire who is also in elementary school. She too is smart and beautiful and thinks she is the entertainment committee. A chatterbox to be sure. This is the one that is going to put me over the edge.

Most times we’re a loud and rowdy bunch with a penchant for sci-fi, horror, and documentaries. We watch a lot of TV and movies. That I adore books and reading is an understatement. I border on an obsessive-compulsive addiction…if only I had more time and money. I also create jewelry; more a hobby than a business but if I can make a few bucks to supplement my bead habit, I won’t turn down a paying gig.

Please note that our names have been changed to protect the safety and privacy of our tribe. If you know our real names and/or the specifics of our location, we ask that you keep that information to yourself and refrain from making references to either in your comments here or any public forum related to this blog.  Any mentions will be removed post-haste.

Also, please know that any mentions of other individuals’ names and/or surnames are also changed unless they have given consent.

Thank you.

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