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Playdate In An Alternate Reality

[Note from the Editor (that’s me, by the way) : This began as a status post for my Facebook page, A Chameleon in the Spectrum, but as I typed, it just felt too…BIG. This particular playdate also marked the one year anniversary of our first playdate together with these friends since meeting at TouchPoint one year ago this month!]

Yesterday we had a playdate with my friend, Kara, and her daughter, Ellie. A playdate consisting of our two kids with ASD (my son and my friend’s daughter) and my very “spirited” NT daughter, that lasted ALL DAY! 10:30am to 3pm!

My son, Henry, was in a house with a CAT.  Sometimes even in the same ROOM with the cat!

The kids played…in a different room from us Moms…without prompting…TOGETHER!

We made dough ornaments together. My son PARTICIPATED in the whole darn project from beginning to END.

We went to lunch while the ornaments baked. (Yes, we left the oven on while we were out…and this is only one reason I love Kara.) We ate INSIDE at McDonald’s. The kids sat at one booth while Kara and I sat in a SEPARATE booth right next to them. PEACEFULLY. And the kids actually ATE their lunches.

We returned to Kara’s after lunch just in time to take the dough ornaments out of the oven.  The kids PLAYED TOGETHER AGAIN while the dough cooled. My friend and I sat on her couch…looking at each other…talking…without interuption…without a kid in the room.

The kids decorated their ornaments with NO arguments about whose was who’s and NO ONE wanted the SAME marker or paint at the SAME time. Lucy and Ellie didn’t even really get into their latest “thing” of one-upping each other.

Henry was ASKING “Ellie’s Mom” questions. Talking TOO her. (sure, it was sometimes ramblings about dinosaurs…but, Kara’s the PERFECT person to “get” it and so it was AWESOME!

Kara and I pushed our luck by chatting about just how darn amazing every moment of this day was and just how far we had come in a year. I’m pretty sure both of us held back tears on more than a few occasions as the day progressed.

The whole day almost didn’t feel REAL. It was truly like when we stepped into our friends’ home we stepped into another world. A different reality. An alternate reality where Autism took a backseat to “normal”…yes, the Autism was still there…in any reality I’ve come to accept that it will ALWAYS be there. But in yesterday’s reality it was SURREAL. AMAZING. WONDERFUL. And HOPEFUL.

~Thank you, Kara, Ben, and Ellie, for being our friends and accepting us as we are. We can no longer imagine ANY reality without you guys in it! We are truly grateful for your special friendship!~ with much love (and alcohol) from the whole Rabinowitz Tribe ❤

Fewer Words Wednesday: A Gift

This past spring we received a wonderful and completely unexpected gift from TouchPoint Autism Services. We were assigned our respite care provider (RCP), Maya.  You can read about my initial reaction to this news here. Her title of RCP falls quite short of her actual awesomeness!  She has become part of our tribe whether she likes it or not! ~Thank you so much, Maya, for all that you do for us! You truly are a wonderful gift!

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