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Olivia and Our Family’s Destiny To Weirdness

Earlier today Lucy and I were waiting to pick Henry up from school. We had arrived a bit early so we went inside and sat in a little sitting area at the end of his hallway. She started contorting herself around sideways and had the side of her shirt lifted up. I should know better than to ask…

ME: “What are you doing?”

LUCY: “I’m trying to see it.”

ME: “See what?”

LUCY: “This.” She pointed to her side.

ME: “That freckle?” as I moved in for a closer look.

 LUCY: “Yeah, sometimes I like to name it.”

ME: “You name your freckles?”

LUCY: “Sometimes.”  

ME: “What do you name them?”

LUCY: “Olivia.”

ME: “Olivia. You named your freckle, Olivia.”

LUCY: “Yeah, sometimes I like to talk to them.”

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