Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

Zombies vs. Princesses

[Ed. Note: I feel I need to preface this post to say that we do, in fact, love our school, our teachers, and our new principal. They have been nothing but understanding and supportive of all of our kids! But occasionally, it does seem we catch them momentarily off-guard.]

Friday I got a call from our school’s principal. Our  Kindergartener had been sent to the office for the third time last week. During the course of our conversation about my daughter’s infractions, our concerns that the behavior problems seem to be escalating, and how we might handle this situation, the principal, Dr. P, wanted to share with me exactly how Lucy was spending the time in her office.

Dr. P: Lucy has to sit in my office while she completes her work. She did a good job focusing on her task and following directions so when she was done I let her take a break and color some pictures. First, she drew some pictures of zombies.

ME: (with a little laugh) Yeah, that sounds about right.

Dr. P: Well, I asked her if she saw zombies on TV and she told me no.

I could hear Dr. P give a tiny sigh of relief. Thank the gods Lucy answered “no” because Dr. P had sounded a bit taken back by these pictures.

Dr. P:  (in a brighter, more reassuring voice) …and then she started drawing more normal things like a princess in a tower. You know, more typical things for 5 year-old girls.

ME: Well, actually Dr. P, zombies are kind of normal for us.

Perhaps I should have kept that little skeleton  in our family closet? (no pun intended.) Hey, at least I made no mention of the pirates, monsters, genetically mutated animals, and robots that routinely show up around the house!

Dr. P:  Oh…I see. Well, then..

I spent the next few minutes doing my best to sound like a “normal” parent who is relatively sane and very concerned about my daughter’s behavior. I was hoping to convince her  so we would not get a call from DFS (Division of Family Services) over the weekend. But truth be told, I’d pick zombies over princesses any day. Well, unless is was a zombie princess. Or a really cool warrior princess that could defeat zombies…


Comments on: "Zombies vs. Princesses" (5)

  1. blogginglily said:

    Really…our kids fixate on what they fixate on, and any “doctor” of education worth a shit should “get it”…I mean, they have a section or two on “special education” in most university’s curriculi…curriculums…programs.

    My almost 7 year-old daughter happens to be EXTREMELY Alvin and the Chipmunks-centric. And so she sorta “passes” indistinguishability, I guess. But it could just as easily be zombies.

    • I think the principal was just caught by surprise because honestly, when you look at my daughter, you would not immediately think “zombie-lover”. lol! Oh…and Lucy is “neurotypical” for whatever that is worth.

  2. I hate the phrase “more normal stuff”. Uggg… Why oh why do some people have to look too far into things that aren’t a big deal in the first place? Zombies are a huge meme right now, so I don’t see why it’s so odd for a kid to be interested in them. Not all of us are princess material. If it were a boy no one would have probably said much.

  3. I have an extra copy of “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”…maybe I should give it to Dr. P. 😉

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