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Top 10 Things That Have Kept Me From Blogging…

My top 10 excuses reasons for not blogging for (*GASP!*) almost 4 weeks :

10. Co-captaining our team for the Autism Speaks walk that is now less than a week away!!! T-shirt sales, bracelet sales, letter writing, mass mailings, general fundraising duties and information gathering and distributing. (And surpassing our team’s fundraising goal, by the way!!! Go Team Chameleon!) 

9. Trying to be a somewhat decent mom, wife, friend and co-worker and currently not doing that great a job of any of those.

8. Scheduling parent/teacher conferences, doctor appointments, childcare, carpools.

7. Raising very bright, “typical”  girls (13 yrs. and 4 1/2 yrs.) and the trauma and drama of such. Ummm….yeah, it goes without saying the time-consuming stress that goes with that, right?

6. Raising a very bright boy on the Autism Spectrum. ‘Nuff said.

5. The “joys” of working from home, especially with transition to a new management company that apparently employs no one else from home anywhere in the country ~including  having to go through all the paperwork, orientations and such that go with now being considered a “new hire”~ and then being told, “Don’t worry. You’ll still have a job for at least the next 6-12 months.” (I think this last bit of information was meant to be reassuring…?) Oh yeah, and then actually WORKING from home.

4. Dance lessons, soccer practices and games, volleyball practice and games, school taxi, Parent Advisory Committee meetings, trips to the craft store for school projects and autism walk supplies, family commitments, school field trips, grocery shopping, bill paying, laundry, cooking (sort of), cleaning. (I will admit that I’ve been doing very little of these last two listed here!)

3. The day-to-day dynamics and challenges of a family of five living in the Spectrum.

2. Being overwhelmed and PWP (paralyzed with procrastination).

…and the number one thing that has kept me from blogging  for the past four weeks…

1) My inability to formulate a coherent thought and it write down and strong feelings of guilt for neglecting my blog sending me back to reason #10 and starting the list all over again.

…I know things will get better. It’s just what all of us moms (and dads) do…but it still stinks when you feel you are in the muck of it, doesn’t it?!?

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