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Happily Ever After…

Eight years ago today Mr. Rabinowitz made me his Mrs. Rabinowitz and so began our “happily ever after”.  We have known each other for eleven years but how we met is for another blog post another day. Today…well, today I wanted to write about my feelings for my husband, but…

I am finding my feelings too big and my words too small. My heart aches for him every moment that we are apart!  Butterflies jump into my stomach at the mere thought of him throughout my days.

He is everything to me. He is my friend that I need, my husband and father to our children that I want and he is the soul mate I have craved for all of my life.

Right now. Still and always…my feelings are too big and my words are too small.

Thank you, Grant, for all that you are and all that you inspire and encourage me to be!  You are my knight. My happily ever after. My forever.

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