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More Kindergarten Frustration and Anxiety (for me!)

[Please note: Portions of this post have also been published on my Facebook page as well.]

Our school district has had a wonderful practice of informing elementary and middle school students of their teachers well in advance before the next school year begins. Historically, our elementary school has a “fly-up” day so the kids know where they’ll be going before they are even out for the summer. In this all important year for our son, who is on the Autism Spectrum and heading to kindergarten this fall, I have been very anxiously awaiting news of who his teacher will be in the hopes of communicating with her some over the summer. I was hoping as well to be able to take Henry on a quiet tour of the building weeks beforehand in anticipation of his anxiety of new places and people.  Our letter came today and I share exerpts below:

“Dear _________ School Families:

Understandably, children and parents are eagerly waiting to know the name of their teacher for the upcoming school year. It was originally announced that the [year-end] report card would include that information. However, due to an unusually high number of enrollees across the district….” blah, blah, blah… “still evaluating enrollment…”  yadda, yadda… “Class placement letters for elementary students will be sent out district-wide during the first week of August. We apologize for the delay….”  whatever! 

Gee, kindergarten orientation is August 12th and first day for school is August 16th! I will have approximately 1 week to prepare my son for a new school, new teacher, and new everything. Great. Oh, did I mention that a lot of our triggers for anxiety and meltdown are new people and environments? Swell. And to add to this, the school is undergoing a lot of construction and remodel this summer so I will be lucky to get him inside prior just to see the classrooms and familiarize himself just a bit with the school!

I realize that this change for our district is much-needed and in the long-run has potential to work better for us but right now, for us, the timing STINKS!

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