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Fewer Words Wednesday: “Geronimo!”

I’m so glad I was able to capture Henry mid-jump to see the pure joy in his face at that very moment! I love this photo!


Fewer Words Wednesday: The Mission

This mission, should you choose to accept it…

Henry & Lucy practicing their wicked thievery spy skills by avoiding the yarn “laser beams”.

~ Thank you, Maya, for this fun activity! The kids loved it!

Fewer Words Wednesday: Art Appreciation

Fewer Words Wednesday: The Dude and His Uncle

This past weekend were able to visit with my brother and sister-in-law and their two kiddos. They had made a last-minute decision to come back to our side of the state for a quick weekend visit with the families. We had such a wonderful time! I was so excited to capture a few special moments Henry had with his uncle Kevin, sharing a book about dinosaurs. The closeness with which Henry obviously felt so comfortable with was a joy to see! We only get to see my brother’s family a handful of times per year so that made this amazing exchange extra special and cool to watch!

I am still so taken back by the closeness and physical contact that Henry is making here! And the direct eye contact! All I can say is…WOW! …just, WOW! Looking at these pictures brings such fullness to my heart and it’s all I can do to keep from tearing up.


~Thanks so much, Uncle Kev!  😉 Better get ready as we  prepare to descend upon you all next month!  ❤ K.

Fewer Words Wednesday: This is the way…

This is the way we line things up. Line things up. Line things up! This is the way…

…we line things up all through the day!!!

Fewer Words Wednesday: Thank You from Team Chameleon

It’s been long overdue! Shamefully overdue! I am just still amazed and overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family and strangers, too, that contributed our team’s successful walk for Autism Speaks this past October! To those of you who donated funds and/or time, to those that helped sell bracelets and t-shirts, and to all of those buyers out there, to those that walked with us and those of you who were with us in spirit~ We are deeply grateful! Thank you so very much! It was a most beautiful day!

Fewer Words (sort of) Wednesday: Thankful

I am so very fortunate and deeply thankful for many things! Here are just a few (okay maybe a few more than few but I’m already pushing the “fewer words” limit so sue me):

I am thankful for my kiddos. For each in their unique brilliance and all that they teach me. I am at a loss for words that express just how deeply grateful I am that I was chosen to be their Mom. My heart is full of love and heavy with obligation and responsibility to be the best Mom I can for them because they sure are the best kids for ME!

I am thankful for my amazing husband, again, more than my words can express. I simply would not, could not, exist as I do without soulmate.

I am thankful for the Metropolitan area in which we live. For the many wonderful experiences and opportunities here. For our wonderful school district and the amazing teachers and therapists that have touched all of my kids’ lives. For the best pediatrician and pediatric dentist EVER! For all of the physicians who keep our family well. For TouchPoint Autism Services and for Maya. They all have helped make our lives so much better and fuller!

I am thankful for my blog. It is a catharsis, an outlet for this crazy life we live in the Spectrum. I am thankful for all of the bloggers that I follow. Because of them and their willingness to share, I feel I know them. And I am less alone.

I am thankful for Facebook. I know that sounds kind of weird but it has allowed me to connect with so many friends, old and new. It has opened a door for me to also meet so many amazing moms and dads who parent in the Spectrum and on so many days just knowing they are out there is what carries me through my day!


I am thankful for my job with employers that allow me to work from home with great flexibility. ~This has been a true blessing on so many levels and I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity for however long (or short) it may last.


I am thankful for Team Chameleon! For all of the team members who donated/participated in the Walk that means so much to us (and to everyone I have yet to properly thank!). I am thankful for those Team Chameleon members that include all of our family and friends, near and far, that are a part of our special little corner of the universe, whether you like or not. If you wish us well and keep us in your thoughts and prayers then you too are part of our Team; fans of my Facebook page and followers of my blog included! I am certainly grateful for all of the support!

hmmm…so probably WAY more words than what would be considered “fewer”, but my list of things to be thankful for is just too long and to BIG and deserves so very much more than a “few” mentions. At some point, long down the road (knowing myself), this will have to be continued…

Happy Thanksgiving to those who will be celebrating tomorrow and perhaps over the weekend. And to those not celebrating this US holiday, well, you are certainly included in my thankfulness and I will be celebrating that too!

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