Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

It’s a Classic Halloween

I’m just now getting Henry’s Halloween costume ready.  I’d like to say that he is a last-minute-decider but more accurately I am a last-minute put-it-together-er.  For those who may not know, I am not a Halloween costume person.  At all.  I don’t sew, or pin or Velcro and only on rare occasions do I hot glue.  I am not creative or crafty when it comes to that kind of stuff.

While I love the fall season with all of my being and embrace the sentiments of Samhain/Halloween and Day of the Dead, it’s putting together the costumes that scares me the most!  My anxiety and procrastination skills ready themselves to rear their ugly heads.  Of course Lucy wants to be some Pokemon that I have no idea which one it is. It’s apparently just obscure enough that they don’t mass market a costume for it.  Fortunately I have a super awesome friend (that does all of the crafty things listed above that I don’t do) that said she would sew Lucy’s costume seeing as her daughter is being some other relatively obscure Pokemon.  (And I can’t thank you enough, Crystal!!!) So, now all I have to do is take care of Henry.  Please let him want to be something I can buy, please, please!  And then…

Henry tells me, “Mom, I want to be a ghost for Halloween.”

I’m not totally clear on what he means by this so I take a chance and ask, “Like a sheet-over-your-head ghost?”

“Yeah. I figured since next year I’ll be in middle school I might not want to dress up. So, I say why not go with a classic? Go big or go home, ya know?”

“You’re goin’ old school, huh? Really? Just a plain white sheet? Are you sure?” I can hardly believe it!

“Yeah, Mom!  It’s CLASSIC!”

Hey, I just might be able to pull this one off! Of course I have plenty of time…

So we finally made the trek to a nearby resale shop.  Because no way am I buying a new set of white sheets.   “go big or go home” does NOT  in any way amount to 800 thread count Egyptian cotton.  Not in my house.  Unless, of course, I can’t find anything else in the 45 minutes I’ve allotted to shop for said sheet.   Then I’ll sell my soul if I have too.  As we peruse the Bed & Bath section, I see a lot of sheets.   All with patterns, of course.  Not one plain white.  But then I spot it!  One all white, king-sized dust ruffle for $3.99!  Sweet goddess, thank you! It’s a Halloween miracle, folks!

Now all I have to do is cut off the “ruffle” along the bottom, and holes for Henry’s face and hands. And I’ve still got 3 days to do it.  But you can pretty much bet that I’ll be cutting Sunday night. I am ever so grateful that my son appreciates the classics!


Comments on: "It’s a Classic Halloween" (1)

  1. jennifer.wood@wellsfargoadvisors.com said:

    OMG! I am laughing my head off! That is awesome. He cracks me up ‘So, I say why not go with a classic?’ I love it! and remember, as henry said ‘well, presentation is important.’

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