Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

Today is Henry’s IEP. We will be discussing where he is now in regards to his development, what he will need for first grade in the fall, etc. I know many of you know (and live) this scenario.

I’ve only really been stressing obsessing thinking about this meeting for a few days now. Which in itself kind of freaks me out. Yes. Basically I’m freaking out about not freaking out.

A year ago I wrote about getting ready for Henry’s Kindergarten Transition IEP and then when it was all said and done I did a follow-up piece. As I re-read these posts I could feel my anxiety and emotion about it all over again.

But this year is different. I only just pulled my son’s binder off the shelf and gave it a quick flip through to make sure I have current information, progress reports included and well…that’s about it.

Henry has come so very far in the last year! (As he had the year before that!) And I’ve come to realize that I too have made progress! I’ve gained confidence in our new elementary school and our team we have in place there. I have a new confidence in myself that I CAN and WILL advocate effectively for my son and we are teaching him and enabling him to advocate for himself!

I give MUCH credit to our school and teachers that have allowed us to take such an active role in our son’s time at school. We have been so very fortunate to have had AMAZING teachers in our son’s life beginning with his SSD preschool teachers (whom I still keep in contact with!) and then Henry’s Kindergarten team  this year…they have helped and taught Henry so well. But above and beyond that, they have truly SUPPORTED our family, given me confidence in myself and my son.  His general education Kindergarten teacher this year…well, wow!  I’m at a loss for words regarding her…spectacular-ness!

My son is moving on to first grade in the fall. We’ll be discussing that and making plans for the next school year soon.  In less than an hour and a half, to be exact. Sure, I’m a bit anxious. But not “freaking out” anxious. Compared to a year ago? I’ve come so very far!


Comments on: "First Grade IEP-Oh How Far I’ve Come!" (3)

  1. and the Rabinowitz family is AMAZING too!!!——-Mrs. Becky

  2. Very proud of you both, and the whole family

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