Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

As as the month of April comes to a close I wanted to share some really beautiful autism awareness videos that have been made this month by a few of my blogger and Facebook “friends”.

Parents with children on the autism spectrum know that autism awareness doesn’t just happen for one month out of the year. It’s something that we do DAILY! 24/7/365! Some days it’s easy…but many more days it’s just damn hard!

I know these videos that I share will help to carry me through those rough days and I hope it will help to remind others that these are the faces of our beautiful children on the autism spectrum and they are worth fighting for every day, all year long!

Help us spread autism awareness, understanding, and acceptance!

Please take a little time to watch these wonderful videos and also check out these moms’ blogs/ Facebook pages!

Also, Henry, my dude, makes a cameo appearance in a few of these! See if you can spot him!   😉

Video “But S/he Doesn’t Look Autistic by stark.raving.mad.mommy

Video “More than a Number”  by No Guile: Life and Stories from Autism

Videos “Autism Awareness” and “Autism Awareness -Part 2”  by We Care About We Care About Someone with Autism

Video of Graceland Lighting It Up Blue with WiLd WoRld oF AuTism and Autism Speaks

Video “Autism We Are 1 in 70”  by Lisa F. (made before the new number of 1 in 54 came out!)

Video “Autism Awareness 2012: What Are You Waiting For” by Autism Moms


A very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the moms out there that made such amazing videos of our kiddos and to those who share community and support on Facebook and in blogs. You all make me feel not so alone!  ~Karen


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