Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

The Potatoes Made Me Cry

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping. Minding my own business. I also happened to be kid-free and was enjoying the moment.

I was strolling through the produce department where I came upon the potato bins. Do I individually pick out some small red potatoes or just get the more economical 5 pound bag?  I very rarely get the big bags because we just don’t usually go through that many potatoes. Innocent questions running through my head.

That’s when I noticed the tag on the 5 pound bags. And then tears came out of nowhere! (I was so grateful that the store was not crowded and no one was around!)

This caught me so off-guard. To see Autism Awareness being spread through POTATOES! It took everything I had in me to keep myself from sobbing. There I stood. In front of the potato bins. Tears welling up and spilling over down my cheeks. I was so moved that an entire food brand would champion our cause! Of course, I grabbed a bag and tried to somewhat collect myself.  I still had the rest of my grocery shopping to do.

Later at home I had to go check out the Klondike Brands website and found that they had a link to a very cute online story!

Thank you to Klondike Brands and the Autism Society for working to spread autism awareness one bag of potatoes at a time! I would have never expected potatoes to move me to tears!


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