Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

…and then I shall move on.

Yesterday on World Autism Awareness Day I posted this. The reactions and responses were overwhelming! That post received 269 views yesterday alone. I was stunned. I AM still stunned. I have never gotten over 75 views on any given day prior to yesterday. The comments and “Likes” that I received on this one post  surpassed the combined amount since I first started this blog over a year ago. Wow!

The experience has left me speechless. Well, almost speechless…I am truly appreciative to all who felt so moved to comment and/or “like” or share my blog. I am also equally appreciative of those who commented that they disagreed with what I had to say!

It hit to the very heart of it:

~informed discussion and debate, the exchanging of information and ideas: GOOD. Everyone has a right to their own feelings, ideas, opinions and they have a right to SHARE these.

~berating and belittling the ideas, feelings and opinions of others: NOT SO MUCH GOOD.

I do my best to pass on and share information on my blog and Facebook page that I feel might be of interest to everyone. If I feel that information and ideas have come from a reliable source and is accurate then I will share it even if I don’t necessarily agree with or follow that line of thought. Occasionally, if there is something I really don’t agree with then I will quietly choose not to pass it on. I will continue to do this.

I hope everyone will feel comfortable SHARING their autism, their thoughts and ideas, information and experiences…it’s all about coming together for our very special kids!

Again, I say  THANK YOU to everyone who follows, contributes, and supports my blog and Facebook page! 

~Karen (aka Chameleon)


Comments on: "People & Puzzle Pieces Coming Together: A Quick Follow Up…" (4)

  1. Excellent

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.:) http://thedancingpenguin.blogspot.com/2012/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

  3. […] are highly aware of autism every damn day, as am I. In 2012 I followed up my post linked above with this post.  And this too still rings true.  Positively […]

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