Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

* I might be using too much soap in our new dishwasher and that’s why we’re getting film and streaks sometimes. (yeah, not where you’d think I’d start but I’m actually pretty jazzed about this one!)

* My husband is amazing!!!! Okay, I already knew this but still…AMAZING! Thank you, babe!!!

* It is okay to “cross the streams” of friendships sometimes! It just might even be magical!

* We’re not nearly the alcoholics some of us occasionally make ourselves out to be.

* It’s okay for me talk about my kids and our lives full of teenage angst and autism and I can still relax.

* I CAN function on only 6 hours of sleep and feel fantastic when it is GOOD, HARD, STRESS-FREE S.L.E.E.P.

* Laughing so hard that you cry is wonderful! Crying so hard that you laugh is FRICKIN’ GLORIOUS! Both are desperately NEEDED and CATHARTIC!

~For me, our Moms-Only weekend was a GINORMOUS success! It was over way too soon and yet it was just enough to let me feel I got a BREAK.  Thank you again, Kara, Donna, Tracy and Angie!!! I hope we can do it again sometime!


Comments on: "Some Moms-Only Weekend Epiphanys…" (5)

  1. Um yeah. Best. Weekend. Ever.

  2. Oh…I am so happy that you had this most wonderful weekend…you deserved it!!!

  3. So happy to hear it!

  4. had to buy depends! Thanks Karen!

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