Our journey in the Autism Spectrum

Two Amazing Things!

With today being Martin Luther King, Jr. day I had planned to write few thoughts on what Dr. King stood for and how that has impacted our world today and specifically how this also applies too and includes people with special needs. But then today two amazing things happened and I just can’t get past the happiness of either, so though MLK and his principles are certainly very important…they will have to wait for thought and discussion on my blog another time. So without further ado:

Amazing Thing #1: the youngest FINALLY gave up the pull-ups at home and now uses the potty!!!! (She’s been going on the potty all year at school but absolutely has REFUSED in no uncertain terms to go on any other potty. Really?!?) Technically this breakthrough happened yesterday afternoon but since it carried over into today (for all bowel habits, no less!) I am considering this a done deal! I was prepared for our son to have some challenges in this area a few years ago given his spectrum challenges but overall, he was way easier than this last precious lamb of ours! We are officially done potty training in our household!

Amazing Thing #2: We had just the most wonderfully successful play-date at our house today!  This was the second time our new friends have come for a visit and even though almost 4 weeks had passed since the last visit, all three kids did wonderfully!  Henry did have a bit of a meltdown at one point (because, you know, as a somewhat responsible parent, I feel that throwing toys from standing on top of a table is not a good thing, especially with guests as witnesses…or targets!). I was able to remove him from the situation without too much of a struggle and was actually able to get him to review his options map. When I asked him to then do his deep breathing and counting at least three times he told me that he would rather do it five times. Wow! Look at us workin’ the ABA! That’s a big step! He was able to return to the family room/play area (aka The Lab) without further incident. He even kept his clothes on the whole time our guests were here! This is something we have been working on and finally we are seeing some success in this area as well!

Meanwhile the girls continued to bond and are actually learning to play together! Lucy being the “neuro-typical” of the two, so wants “E” to be her friend and I think today that happened! Lucy is SO very social and chatty ( and “chatty” may be a gross understatement here), that I am guessing that poor “E” is finally just learning to give in and go along  just to get Lucy to shut-up! 😉 At one point both girls headed up the stairs together to check out who knows what and both “E”‘s mom and I were so surprised that I think we were both afraid to breathe! They came back down after only a minute or so but once they got the okay from us, back up they went to play in Lucy’s room! There was definitely a two-way conversation going on between the girls! Again, more breath-holding and tears welling up in our eyes!

I am so THRILLED that “E” feels so comfortable here already to venture out just a bit beyond her mom and make a new friend! Actually “E” has all five of us here as new friends!  And, to give much credit to our new friends, our family is equally comfortable to have them come to our house! Just to back track a bit, when I first told the kids last night that “E” was coming to play even Henry was excited about it! “That’s my camp-school girl!” He was reviewing the rules for when visitors come and he kept reminding me last night about what a good listener he was  and what good behavior he was having so his “camp-school girl” could come over! This is another big step for Henry! That fact that he is learning to verbalize wanting social interaction is big! (He just started being able to express that about his cousins over the holidays.) Hey, nevermind that he did not actually interact with the girls too much once they got here…but I am thinking that in this case it was more of a boy being out-numbered by the girls and he did not want any part of “girly” play. That is fine with me! He stayed in the general area and played with his train tracks that his older sister was desperately trying to help him with so us Moms could chat a bit ourselves. What a great morning for us moms too!  🙂


Comments on: "Two Amazing Things!" (4)

  1. Congratulations on the potty success and play date!!!
    It’s the little, or shall I say in our world BIG moments like these that make all those really hard days worthwhile 🙂

    Great job!!!

  2. What an amazing morning we had with all of you. I haven’t taken a breath yet. : )

  3. wow that sounds wonderful
    WHat a lovely day of success

  4. oh and thank you so much for that lovely comment on hopeful parents

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